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Updated 07/2017


 The past 20 years has been a real explosive change change for dentistry.

Whereas in the 60's 70's silver fillings were the norm even on some anterior teeth, now with the development of better stronger materials, and amazing connecting bonding materials (with the help of Nasa and the space agency development programmes) now it is true to say that white fillings are a better stronger, more conservative and safer restoration material, for back teeth as well as front teeth.


The etching enamel and dentine using etch and blasters 
allows intimate connecting of white material to tooth structure, 
whereas the old amalgams required deeper cavities, 
locks and pits for a mechanical connection to tooth.





White Fillings




Home Whitening


Implants Your 3rd set of teeth


Implants as a replacement for lost teeth


Implants- solutions for missing Teeth


The Implant Process:-stage by stage



Advanced Treatment

Bone Augmentation Sinus Lift





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