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 Dental Guide to Healthy teeth & Gums


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Updated 06/2017

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Forward         Dental Pain  

 Dental pain is usually only experienced quite late, when the tooth is already in an advanced state of destruction with a large cavity.

Bacteria adversly affect the health of the tooth's nerve resulting in severe pain.

The pain is not a warning signal to treat the tooth, it is often too late for that, we may regard the pain as a "lesson" to encourage early dental treatment, before more such destruction occurs.


Many arrive at my dental surgery for emergency dental treatment with a similar story.

At first the  pain was slight, It was asumed that the pain would go away, and so it was ignored.

Later the pain mounts in intensity, becoming unbearable, and so late at night, or over the weekend, 

I get a call for help.


After 30 years as a dental surgeonI am adept 

at locating the source of the pain quickly and 

doing all that is neccesary to relieve the pain fast. 

and so I  took this opportunity to explain and recommend 

treatment  and preventive methods to avoid any dental pain in the future.

I decided to bring all the relevent and important subjects together 

in this section related to preventing all types of tooth and gum diease.


Oral Hygiene  

Balanced diet  

Preventive Treatment



A combination of oral hygiene care, balanced diet and preventive treatment at home and in the dental office,

can together prevent nearly all dental and gum dieases

and enable healthy functional teeth all through life.

Regular examinations at the dental office:  


Every six months (5000km service)     

 full check-up including soft tissues    

 Dental Scaling )cleaning) and Polish  
Fluoride gel -reduce cavities and        


Once a Year (10,000 service)                        

Full mouth examination                                  

and Bite Wing x-rays                                      

Dental clean & Polish                                     

Fluoride Gel                                                     


Every 2-3 years  (15000km service)           

Full Mouth x xay survey                              

Pocket Measurements and gum check     




  All Patients with Gum Disease    

Every 3 Months  (1500 km service)            

Deep Scale with Pocket debridement        

Treatment for dental neck sensitivity         

Yearly pocket Measurements                      


Dental Guide


Oral diseases 


Oral Hygiene



Balanced Diet



Looking after Babie's Teeth


Gum Diseases


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