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Updated 09/2017


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Third set of teeth  - Your last chance

In the past a man's life span depended partly on how well he looked after his teeth, 
or at least how well the teeth survived the ravishing of his tough diet.


At puberty there is a change-over from milk teeth 
to adult teeth 

When a permanent tooth is lost there is no tooth to erupt 
to take its place, but placing implants is the modern way 
to give us a fresh start , a final chance at good healthy 
teeth and gums, and dental implants well mimick natural teeth



Tooth extraction often causes a multitude of problems:for example teeth movement and arch collapse and bone loss to the jaws. 
Commonly teeth drift forwards, 
change their angulation and gum pockets develop resulting in chronic gum (periodontal) disease. 

Implants are very similar in size and shape to natural tooth roots, so placing implants at the time of extraction, or after a short healing period, prevents all the above mentioned complications.

Implant -gently placed in the bone of the jaw.

Cast Post -The inside of the implant has a screw thread. The top surface has a hexagon facing. The post sits on the antirotational hex facing.  

Screw Connector - The high tensile strength screw joins the post to the implant.

Ceramic crown -a porcelain crown is cemented or screwed onto the implant.


Special Equipement -

The physio Dispenser is a machine 
with a motor that operates drills at a constant slow speed, 
allowing gentle drilling in the bone of the jaw.
Saline solutions drips onto the drill bit thus
preventing over-heating or over-drilling.







Your third set of teeth!


Teeth in an Hour


Types of Implants


Implants as a replacement for lost teeth


Implants- solutions for missing Teeth


The Implant Process:-stage by stage



Advanced Treatment

Bone Augmentation Sinus Lift


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