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updated 09/2020


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Implants as a Solution for tooth loss

Implants are suitable for nearly everyone. there is no age limit, and even chronic disease 

is not an obstacle as long as the disease is well controlled.

For smokers, the success rate is 80% as opposed to 97% in non smokers. 

However, smokers can enjoy the higher success rate, 

mearly by refraining from smoking from one month before the implant procedure 

till one month after surgery


One missing tooth



 Implants are stand alone; not connected to adjacent teeth, so when a single tooth is lost by trauma or disease, an implant is a better option than a bridge which involves preperation of adjacent teeth.

When adjacent teeth are small or weak, implants are also the better choice.


Several Missing Teeth




The traditional treatment for several missing teeth was a long porcelain or  gold bridge, 

or by a denture.

Here the implant comes into its own, providing strong support and protecting the jaw bone, 

without damaging or shortening the life span of the other teeth. 

Removable dentures gradually extract the teeth they use for support, while implants provide support and protect nearby teeth.


Lost Back Teeth

When the back tooth is lost , it is no longer possible to place a fixed traditional bridge 

The only options are dentures or implants. Clearly implants are a better choice.




Types of Implants




Your 3rd set of teeth


Teeth in an Hour


Types of Implants


Implants as a replacement for lost teeth


Implants- solutions for missing Teeth


The Implant Process:-stage by stage



Advanced Treatment

Bone Augmentation Sinus Lift


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