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Updated 10/2023

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   FAQ :  Child's 1st visit

Children's Dentistry


the 1st Visit



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The 1st Visit     

A child's first visit to the dentist can be a fun experience if planned carefully , 
so it is important to prepare the child for the visit, knowing what to explain to the child:- 
what to say and what not to say.
Please read my pdf on a child's first visit before having the conversation with your child. 
Explain to the child that the dentist will caredully examine his mouth, 
checking tongue, lips, cheeks, roof of the mouth and all the teeth. 
Teeth will be checked for their shape and size, anatomy and wholeness.
Please do NOT tell your child that it will not hurt, or that the dentist won't hurt him
Children do not expect such things and these words are counter productive.

Take great care not to pass on your own fears to your child. 
Treating yourself, by example is the best way to prepare your child for his treatment. 
On no account tell him he is braver than you, or that you dare not have dental treatment.

On arrival. your child will be treated with respect, as the most important person in the room. 
Ideally he should be the only child in the room, 
but certainly the persn receiving the staffs's 100% attention.
Avoid talking about other things with the staff while the child is being examined. 
The equipement and it's uses will be explained to the child: the mechanics of the chair, 
the suction and saliva ejector: the air and water syringe and the motors will all be shown. 
There will be no sudden unexpected surprises; 
everything will be shown and explained to the child in a language suitable for his age. 
Usually children are interested and ask questions. 
Do not answer for your child: allow him to talk for himself. 
Children can be taught to take responsibility for their own dental health
                                and this should be encouraged.
Children will be asked to choose a prize at the end of each visit.


Dr Vinegrad's 1st book for children

"Simon's Play-school diary"

The book can be purchased in Dr Vinegrad's dental offices, or online on Amazon or by email




The pdf may be downloaded from this website on the download page  here

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