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     Children - dental trauma              



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updated 10/2023

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What to do when your kid falls and injures his mouth & Teeth




Gently wash the traumatized area, checking if any teeth are broken        

 If any teeth are broken, immediately call the dentist 
Swift treatment may save teeth that might otherwise be lost 


 Broken teeth can be rebuilt with dental composites, masking the fracture line









If you discover a tooth is missing: search for the tooth at the site of injury 
touching the tooth as little as possible 
Place the tooth in milk and contact Dr Vinegrad urgently
With swift action it is often possible to reimplant evulsed teeth 
Do not attempt to replace the tooth yourself 


Teeth that are mobile can be repositioned and splinted in place
You may use gauze or cotton to preven the tooth being lost
Do not attempt to reposition the tooth yourself


 Swift action can save teeth


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