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Dentistry for Tourists visiting Israel



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Updated 07/2017


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What is dental Tourism ?

The term "Dental Tourism" covers a variety of reasons for choosing where to have treatment.

Convenience of Language or time.


Many Israelis who live abroad come regularly to visit relatives in Israel.

They feel more comfortable treating in Israel. It may be a question of language, cost, best usage of time  or just gut feeling of security, but the fact is that Israelis abroad seek out Israeli professionals  for most spheres and the mouth is one of the most sensitive areas.



Dental treatment in Israel is significantly cheaper than in the USA , Canada and also considerably cheaper than Western Europe, including  the UK.

Initial consultation is without charge.

Detailed planning is charged by time incurred and payable by credit card,

usually $US 85 - $US 100

The amount charged for planning will be deducted from the treatment bill


Tourist combination

Many tourists Jewish and Christian yearn to visit Israel, visit the Holy places and discover the wealth of historical and biblical sites.

By coupling good quality dentistry and the visit of a lifetime, they get the best of both worlds.



Dental Tourism

Dentistry for tourists differs only from regular dentistry in the time frame.

Careful planning in advance and concentrated treatment, allows for all the planned treatment to be achieved in a short time.

Initial consultation: skype, messenger or phone is without charge.

Full treatment plan is $US 85 which will count towards the cost of the treatment. 

Electronic mail, net conferencing and digital xrays allows for advance planning

and daily appointments achieves full mouth rehabilitation in a short time.


Treatments offered

Most types of treatment are possible:

surgery:  Implants, gum surgery


reconstruction:  crowns (caps) bridges, , dentures


Aesthetic Dentistry:-  Porcelain Veneers, Onlays, 

Tooth Whitening


Regular conservative treatment:fillings, cleaning, 

gum maintenance, pocket measurement and check ups


emergency treatment:-root canal, temporary fillings, 

treating acute gum disease, wisdom teeth


Services offered



white fillings ; all types of cleaning, maintenance and preventive treatment


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Prosthetic Dentistry

Caps, Bridges and dentures  of all kinds

All information here is of a general nature. 
In no way should it replace consultation 
with a dental surgeon


  Dental Tourism


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Dental Tourism 

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