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updated 12/2014
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Laser Dentistry

Two techniques for treating small and medium sized carious cavities have been developed.

The first was "Air Abrasion" or AA  and   more recently laser has

come on the scene.

Both claim to be painless and not require anaesthesia;

- for both this only sometimes true.

Neither technique can remove old fillings amalgam or composites

so if an old filling must be removed AA or lase are not suitable.

Cavity preperation using laser is very slow, typically taking up to

twice as long as traditional cutting methods;

In addition laser has a tendency to have an unpleasant smell, and

may cause tooth discolouration - a slightly chared colour.


The laser equipement is in its infancy. The machines are large and cumbersome, and

require time consuming 

recalibration before each


The "opus" is a newer laser machine of Israeli design. It heralds a future when lasers will be lighter swifter and more useful.













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