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 Special Dental Service for Embassy Staff 

Tel Aviv is home to over 30 foreign Embassies. We welcome you all, and offer a special dental service with special discount prices and 

payment plans. 


Many foreign nationals feel at sea when they first get to Israel.

dealing with dental pain can be hard at home, abroad it is all the more so.  


We specialize in making dental treatment possible, and comfortable, even while you are in a strange land.



English is my mother tongue, but I get by in French too, so usually language presents no problem.



Dental treatment in Israel is significantly cheaper than in the USA , Canada and also considerably cheaper than Western Europe, including  the UK.

Special discount for families of foreign residents, and convenient payment plans are available.



Dental Treatment for Foreign Residents to Israel

Dentistry for visitors to Israel differs only from regular dentistry in the time frame.

Careful planning in advance and concentrated treatment, allows for all the planned treatment to be achieved in a short time.

Electronic mail, net conferencing and digital xrays allows for advance planning

and daily appointments achieves full mouth rehabilitation in a short time.


Treatments offered

Most types of treatment are possible:

surgery:  Implants, gum surgery


reconstruction:  crowns (caps) bridges, , dentures


Aesthetic Treatment:-  Porcelain Veneers, Onlays, 

Tooth Whitening


Regular conservative treatment:fillings, cleaning, 

gum maintenance, pocket measurement and check ups


emergency treatment:-root canal, temporary fillings, 

treating acute gum disease, wisdom teeth


Services offered



White fillings: all types of cleaning, maintenance and   preventive treatment


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  emergency services

24 hour on call service

 Laughing gas and Hypnosis for the anxious


dental Implants

conventional dental Implants

Teeth in an Hour

All on 4

Sinus Lift and bone regeneration



Tooth Whitening


Porcelain Laminates

Onlays Overlays

Non Metal Caps and Crowns

Prosthetic Dentistry

Caps, Bridges and dentures   of all kinds

All information here is of a general nature. In no way should it replace consultation with a dental surgeon


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