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Dr David Vinegrad     Curriculum Vitae 

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       Dr David Vinegrad     Curriculum Vitae

I qualified as a dental surgeon at UCH dental School in London.Part of the London university gaining my LDS from the Royal College of Surgeons in 1977, and my BDS from London University in 1978.    

Over the next few years I worked first in NHS practice in the south of England (Camberley) and then began a series of jobs as a surgeon first in St George's hospital in Tooting and Hyde Park; then in the Royal Dental School in Leicester Square, before turning north where I worked as a Senior House Officer in Hull Royal infirmary in North Humberside. 

Coincidentaly my father was born in Hull and I was greeted  there walmly by a mass of relations).

Dr David Vinegrad   BDS  UCH Hospital London 

LDS RCS  England


Schooling :- Cromer Road Schhol, Barnet 
                     Lochinver House School Potters Bar 
                     St Albans  School Abbey Gateway
University:-    University College Hospital London 

Degrees:- LDS RCS Royal College of Surgeons of England 1977 
BDS London University 1978

Courses since 1995   
    Dental Aesthetics Hong Kong 1995     
    FDI Congress Hong Kong 1995           
    Nitrous Oxide Sedation Hadassah Medical School Jerusalem 1996     

Implants:- Dental Implants Braenemark 1977         
                  Corvent Aesthetic Implants 1978 

More Courses:-
    Saving the Decimated Tooth New York 1999 
    Basic Life Support London 1999       
    Advanced Bone placement and Sinus Lift Florida 2001 
    ElectroSurgery New York 2001              
    Medical Hypnosis     Tel Aviv Dental School 2003               

    Ethics in Dentistry University College Los Angeles (UCLA) 2003                  
   Forensic Dental Identification following massive terror attack  -                         -  Los Angeles 2003 

    ADA Congress San Fransisco 2003    
    Treatment of Anterior traumatised tooth Hadassah Jerusalem 2005
    Occlusion Chase Hospital Enfield England 2006         
    Crown Lengthening St. Richards Hospital Chichester 2008

     Basic Life Support       Tel Aviv  
     Crown Lengthening      Tel Aviv       2013 
     Basic Life Support       NYC             2014 

    Periodontal surgery course - Straumann 2015

    Children's Dental Trauma Clal Tel Aviv
    Life support Elishmed Ramat Gan 
    Modern Apicestomt Dr Fuss Tel Aviv

    Bone Augmentation - DVDent 

    Life Support Elishmed- Ramat Gan
    EuroPerio 9 - Amsterdam
    FDI/ADA - Buenos Aires

    Treating during Covid-19 pandemic
    Advances life support for the medical team - Elisha Ramat Gan

    Dental treatment for the medically compromised patient

I was born in Barnet, Herts. 

My early schooling was in New Barnet and Potters Bar; When it came to grammer School I traveld each day by bus to St Albans where I attended St Albans School (Abbey Gateway) while it was still a direct grant school. 


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