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מעודכן 12/2014


the largest collection of dental humour on the internet

Each name is the title of a on the name and see the joke

currently we have over 300 cartoons and welcome more


no sugar phone smog town cryer
low calorie no pain price per pound smoking understand
laughing gas no braces priest smoking 2 uppers
maze no credit prison sound verdict
media no ortho punch up spin victim
mobile on hold ready spinning floss ventriloquist
mother-in-law opera recall 2 sports injury waiting
mouth wash opera 2 regulations squirrel wash
my teeth operation root canal stolen weight
names plastic surgery sale demo window
nervous pain serious sweets wisdom
can't chew pain killer shoe shine sympathy witch
no recall painless shot theft x ray
can't speak partner sign tooth ache zoo
stork phone 2 size trade in alien 










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