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מעודכן 12/2014



the largest collection of dental humour on the internet

Each name is the title of a on the name and see the joke

currently we have over 300 cartoons and welcome more


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2nd Opinion bad


mouthfull gum
no no Insurance computer down in the mouth gums
appointment choice copy emergency harass
auto-dent sharp crash

emergency 2

baby teeth carpet circle of life evaluate housecall
bad breathe car pool crunch exam ill
ortho bands no floss curly teeth fairy indian
blame cold feet deal feet impressions
blindfolded check up dentist now filing system jelly beans 2
bookie chew denture final notice jelly beans
break in chili speedy dentures fluoride in the water junior
brush up chocolate diet   food junk food
basketball clone diet 2 fortune cookies kick
bull clown discount gold kid's checkup
canine convention divorce gold fillings line


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