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Dr David Vinegrad's Dental Office

 Dentistry  with a Modern Approach

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   Dental Clinic

Dr Vinegrad

a modern Approach



      Dr David Vinegrad's Dental Office 

 6 Weizman Boulvard Ramat HaSharon


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Dr David Vinegrad

 English speaking dentist in  ISRAEL

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6 Weizman Boulvard

Ramat HaSharon



 Green Treatment Room

The Dental Clinic has  modern American Equipement including electronic Autoclave 

2 treatment rooms and everything neccesary for the best available dentistry.

All the rooms are linked by a computer system for dental records, receipts appointments and an effective recall system.


We are happy to phone visit reminders. or my sms messages or email.

We of couse, accept all types of credit card or personal cheques

and you can contact us by skype phone fax message or even Facebook


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