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Dental Treatment for American Israelis and Tourists visiting Israel

  urgent help

  implants and caps

full mouth rehabilitation

Dr Vinegrad is experienced in the needs of Israelis visiting Israel for short periods;

Treatment appointment times and lengths can be adapted to special needs of short visits to acomplish the maximum amout of treatment in the time avalable

Arangements and prelimery treatment plans can often be made by use of email, skype, teleconferencing and all other modern methods of comunication.

Initial consultation is without cost.

Detailed planning will be charged by time spent, and may be paid by credit card.

 All charges for detailed treatment planning will count towards the cost of the treatment.

skype A skype or phone or netmeeting conference available by prior email arrangement

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Dr David Vinegrad 

BDS  London 

LDS RCS  England

modern dental clinic


Villa Shen Yafa

#26  HaBanim Street

Ramat HaSharon


Tel: 03-5471132

Fax: 03-5477782


Dr David Vinegrad came on Aliyah from England in 1978.                                                                      

He runs a modern dental office specializing in advanced dentistry including implants, crowns, caps,  porcelain bonding, overlays and dentures.                                                     

He treats anxiety and anxious patients, performs perio surgery and treats children including small and the difficult to treat.

Dr Vinegrad uses nitrous oxide: laughing gas, hypnosis and creates a calm atmosphere through the use of humor and music.

Dr Vinegrad performs surgical extractions, apicectomies and other operations such as sinus lifts  bone graft implants and oral reconstruction.               

All information here is of a general nature. In no way should it replace consultation with a dental surgeon



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