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Teeth in an Hour -the planning stage  

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updated 07/2021



The planning stage begins with a thorough check of the whole mouth, gums, soft and hard tissues, and remaining teeth if any. 

Ful mouth xrays are required and if there is a full denture it is prepared for a special 3D scanning CAT scan called i-cat.



  If there are remaining teeth, and impresion of the jaw is taken to fabricate a temporary denture neccesary for the i-CAT scan.

The results of the scan are processed on computer and used for the detailed planning; a virtual operation is performed on computer.

The planning, and most of the work is done on computer, without the patient being present.





 Teeth in an Hour

Planing Stage

Types of Implants


Implants as a replacement for lost teeth


Implants- solutions for missing Teeth


The Implant Process:-stage by stage



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The Planing Stage


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